those are the results of a misspent youth

Welcome to my tumblr. It is a place for all my favorite things.
Here I post photos that pertain to my mood, themelessly and indiscriminately.
So please read and absorb this format of information before deciding on whether to follow me or not.
Some of my passions:
History - especially Viking Culture, European history, WWII, WWI and the Weimar years, and more;
Weapons and military gear; old motorcycles; boats; wood; nature.
They will be interspersed with other things I like from the world of film, photography and art, surf, music clips,
music albums covers, (hot) girls, environment and ecological design, such as interesting photos.
Summarizing: History, war, books, art, city streets and skylines, fast cars,
flying machines, beautiful women, music, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
So this blog will feature these things on a regular basis.
If none of this appeals to you, or if for some reason you are offended by World Wars images, you needn't bother following me...
By the way, this is an "adult only" Tumblr, and only a few images posted are mine.
I do not claim ownership of the said other images. My photos will be marked as taken by myself.
DISCLAIMER: I found all the images/files on the web (except the photos I took by myself, of course), and I believe that those files are in the public domain.
Therefore, if you see your copyrighted material here or have any other reason for wanting to remove a picture from this blog, please let me know and I will deal with it immediately.
Also, feel free to copy, save, and reblog the photos.

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